Grow A Novelty 21st Birthday Gift

Are They Nuts about Nuts? Then buy them our Grow Your Own Peanut Kit as a novelty 21st birthday gift!

Unless you’re an allergy sufferer you’d be nuts not to get your paws on this excellent Grow Your Own Peanut Kit. Complete with five pots, coir potting medium and three packets of peanut seeds, you’ll be nibbling nattily in no time at all. What a great gift for the kids too! They can watch the little peanut sprouts poking their heads out of the coir and learn all about plants and photosynthesis and why, when you don’t feed and water them regularly they fall sideways and die horrible deaths, rather like hamsters, gerbils and pet mice. Ahh, that learning curve, so steep in childhood.

Anyway once you’ve got a crop of peanuts you’re free to do whatever you like with them. Roast them in oil and honey, add some spice, turn those delicious peanuts into lip smackingly gorgeous little nuggets of flavour. What a great gift the Grow Your Own Peanut Kit will make for friends and family too, and even people at work who might like some distraction from the interminable office work. You’ve got window sills so use them, and create your own peanut growing factory right there in accounts! Just make sure the Finance Director doesn’t accuse you of health and safety violations and steal them all for his own office. Tell him to get his own!

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