Top 5 Fun Novelty Clock Gifts

Time…There’s plenty of it going around, so it might be a good idea to put some of it into getting a novelty clock. Whether it’s to wake you up in the morning or help you clock watch throughout the day at the office, a novelty clock can cheer you up, with a glance. And you’ll also know the time! To save you time Random Rick has compiled a great list of the Top 5 Fun Novelty Clocks.

1) R2D2 Time Projection Alarm Clock

Fancy yourself as a Han Solo or do you have a penchant for gold robots, that specialise in human cyborg relations? Any star wars fan will love the R2D2 Time Projection Alarm Clock, complete with star wars bits and bobs to get you up in the morning. The little R2D2 bot projects the time onto your wall from up to 65cm’s away, as well as a digital display on his body. You’ll be woken up with R2 beeping away with realistic sound effects, for a complete galactic wake up call.

R2D2 Time Projection Alarm Clock Details

  • The Star Wars R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock projects the time up to 65 cm
  • The R2D2 clock measures approx 170 mm x 100 mm x 70 mm
  • The Projection Alarm Clock also features a small digital screen that displays the time, measuring approx 15 mm x 75 mm
  • 2 x AAA batteries and 1 x G13 button battery are included for demonstration purposes
  • R2D2 has realistic sound effects!В В  R2D2 will chirrup and beep when your alarm goes off

Buy the R2D2 Time Projection Alarm Clock

2) Colour Phasing Alarm Clock

This great little clock will bring a splash or several splashes of colour to any room that it’s in. Not a fan of blue? Really love Pink? Don’t worry, the Colour Phasing Alarm Clock goes through 12 colours, making it a great visual spectacle for kids or adults.

Colour Phasing Alarm Clock Details

  • The Colour Phasing Alarm Clock is a most colourful way to display the time!
  • The Colour Phasing Alarm Clock will go through 12 brilliantly subtle glowing colours!
  • The Aurora Colour Changing Alarm Clock is great for children who are scared of the dark and adults who want to set an ambient mood!
  • The dimensions of the clock is 8cm x 8cm x 8cm

Buy the Colour Phasing Alarm Clock

3) V8 Engine Noise Revolution Alarm Clock

Any car lover will fancy this quirky alarm clock, inspired by a sporty dashboard. Set the scene…Your asleep in bed, 6:00am rolls around and the low rumble of a V8 warms up. The realistic rev counter bursts into life, as the beautiful sounds of a V8 engine roar. If there’s a better way for a car lover to be woken up, short of having a Ferrari in your bedroom, then we haven’t found it yet. There’s everything on the dash from the lights, to illuminate your time at night to a chrome finish snooze button. But keep hitting it and the revs will rumble you out of bed.

V8 Engine Noise Revolution Alarm Clock Details

  • Revving start/stop Rev counter Needle rises Headlight switch illuminates the clock face
  • Snooze button Volume on/off dial Chrome finish
  • Can be used with batteries or plugged into mains supply
  • The Revolution Alarm Clock with V8В Engine AlarmВ revs louder the longer it’s left – wake up or regret it!
  • The Revolution Alarm Clock with V8В Engine AlarmВ measures approximately 180 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm
  • The Revolution Alarm Clock with V8В Engine AlarmВ requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included -sorry}

Buy the V8 Engine Noise Revolution Alarm Clock

4) Kinetic Time Machine Ball Clock

If your guilty of being a clock watcher, you can feel guilt free to stare at this clock for hours. The Kinetic Time Machine Ball Clock works in a fascinating way, unlike any other clock. It’s something you really have to watch but we’ll give explaining it a go. Every minute a chrome ball drops onto the top tier of the grid. After 5 minutes a ball drops to a second tier that counts up the minutes. When that’s full a ball drops into the hour grid. That went rather well, but do check this clock out for yourself!

Kinetic Time Machine Ball Clock Information

  • The Time Machine is a Ball Clock that tells the time through ball bearings
  • Precision movement transfers a ball bearing every 60 secs
  • Hour, minute and second indicators
  • It measures approx 220 mm x 180 mm x 140 mm
  • Requires 4 x C batteries (not included)
  • Ideal novelty clock gift for any home or office

Buy the Kinetic Time Machine Ball Clock

5) Retro 80’s Pacman Clock

You’ve got to love that little yellow guy. Tirelessly chasing those dots and fruits, while being chased by a colourful collection of ghosts. But Pacman doesn’t give up, he keeps going and turns on those ghosts, eating them and sending them back to their prison, albeit for an early release. Support Pacman’s cause by getting the Official Pacman Alarm Clock. With realistic Pacman Sounds, digital alarm and a snooze function, the Pacman Retro Clock is a great gift.

Retro 80’s Pacman Clock Details

  • The Pacman Alarm Clock is official Pac-Man merchandise!
  • Plays authentic Pac-Man sounds
  • Digital alarm and snooze function
  • It measures approx 10 cm x 11.5 cm x 9 cm

Buy the Retro 80’s Pacman Clock

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