Top 3 Perfect Pink Gifts For Girls

Now lads, there’s nothing worse than popping into a shop to get that present that the girlfriend wants. She did’nt want the manly speaker set or those alloys, no she wanted the most brightly coloured pink and fluffy thing in the shop! As you take it up to the counter you’ve gone more pink than the gift. Do they think it’s for me? I must look a lemon! Just a few thought that may be running through your head. Avoid all that and grab one of our TOP 3 Perfect Pink Gifts For Girls online today at The Random Shop!

1) Pink Ipod Accessories Kit

Add some glamour to your Ipod with this fantastically pink Ipod Accessories Kit. There’s everything to get those tunes playing whether their pop princess tracks to indie bands. The pack includes your very own pink speaker dock to pump out those tunes, along with all your power cables. You also get some big soft pink earphones for when you want your music on the go, but just can’t go without it being pink too! Bring that old cassette player up to date with the car adapter, and if you already have a fancy aux plug in on your stereo use the pink cable included to link up your Ipod! This is the perfect pink gift for those girlies that love to play their tunes in style.

Pink Ipod Accessories Kit Details:

  • One large, durable branded Pink iPod Accessories Carry-Case
  • One Pink Accessories Speaker Dock
  • One set of Pink in-ear soft-touch Earphones
  • One Pink USB DC 6v Power Input Cable
  • One MP3/MP4 in-car sound system Cassette Connector
  • One Audio/Visual Connection Cable

Buy the Pink Ipod Accessories Kit

2) Pink Bunny Desk Organiser

A great gift to give a girl that loves to be tidy and organised, while also being cute and pink. This is the perfect combination of everything girly with a cute pink rabbit, holding a carrot that doubles as a holder for scissors and paper clips. This neat little gift would look great on ay office desk, and is sure to cause some office jealousy. A brilliant present for Birthdays, Christmas and of course Easter. Grab this great little bunny today.

Pink Bunny Desk Organiser Details:

  • The Desk Bunny is a desk organiser in the shape of a rabbit!
  • Includes scissors as ears, a magnetic carrot and paper clips!
  • The Desk Bunny measures approx 14 cm x 7.5 cm x 7 cm
  • Great office gifts for women!
  • Keep your desk organised in style!

Buy the Pink Bunny Desk Organiser

Cute Pink Hot Socks

These soft, cosy Pink Hot Socks are the perfect way to get those feet nice and warm. Just pop these socks in the microwave to pamper your loved one. These amazing socks also have a Grapefruit and Benzoin scent for that extra special pampering session. Hot Socks are also great for improving your circulation and ease arthritic pain while the essence of Grapefruit and Benzoin relaxes and calms your body and mind. Your feet have never had it so good!

Cute Pink Hot Socks Details:

  • Simply pop the Pink Hot Sox in a microwave or electric oven to get them warm before slipping them on for a truly relaxing experience
  • Pink Hot Sox are 27cm long, 13cm wide and 23cm high (as they also keep your ankles warm) but don’t worry, one size fits most!
  • They’re not slippers. They’re not socks. They’re Hot Sox!
  • Buy Cute Pink Hot Socks

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