Top 3 Purrfect Cat Gifts

There’s always a pun where funny animal gifts are concerned. Check out our Top 3 Cat Gift Picks!

Animal gifts are a great way of adding a splash of novelty to any gadget or present out there. Whether its a dog water bowl shaped like a toilet (yes we do have that!) or a cat key cover, the Random Shop has every animal gift there is. Up next is our selection of feline related prezzies.

1) The Amazing Flying Cat Toy

If you’ve ever thought that your room isn’t large enough to swing a cat in, then this brilliant little gift might be just the ticket. Although technically not intended for swinging The Amazing Flying Cat is designed to slingshot across your room at high speeds. No need to worry though, because this cat won the lottery when it came to lives. Fire your feline around and hear it crash to the ground with realistic cat throwing sounds (or as close as you can get!)

The Amazing Flying Cat Toy Information:

  • The Amazing Flying Cat Toy is a sling shot toy that can be hurled across the room!
  • Simply grasp the back legs, pull back with the front paws and release
  • Our Amazing Flying Cat Toy measures approx 22.5 x 12 x 5 cm (approximate)
  • The Amazing Flying Cat Toy flies at high speeds – please act sensibly and aim it away from people, pets and breakables
  • The Amazing Flying Cat Toy is suitable for all ages
  • 2) Novelty Cat Key Covers

    Keys can be a drag. All they do is unlock boring looking locks and look boring themseleves. If only keys could have hilarious cat related covers that would jazz up their look making them fun to use! Well if this isn’t it these Novelty Cat Key Covers are the closest thing you will ever get. Coming in three colours of pink, orange and black (the most popular novelty cat colours apparently) these make great little gifts that add a little touch of fun to something usually very dull.

    Indulge in to some key related aesthetics today!

    Novelty Cat Key Covers Information:

  • Cute Keys Cat Key Covers Set comes with Orange, Pink and Black Key Covers
  • Keypurrs are cat shaped key covers!
  • Made of rubber Set of 3!
  • Slot over standard house keys
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