Review of Cool CD Storage Frame Display a Funky Gift Idea UK

Rick’s review of Cool CD Storage Frame Display – It’s Stunning

Here is Random Rick’s review of Cool CD Storage Frame Display. Get some funky deacute;cor going with this CD Display Frame Just the thing for alternative interior decoration, this CD Display Frame is just perfect for displaying those fantastic CD covers that just donГ‚t get appreciated enough. The set of nine frames can be arranged as a square or in a long line, and you simply slip the CD frames into the holders to make an interesting and creative wall display at home or in the office. After all itГ‚s a shame to let all that artwork stay hidden on shelves and in cupboards, when it could be used to add to your interior design and bring some of your taste and personality into the mix. Or how about doing some creative stuff with CD labels and slotting them into jewel cases to make an artwork with the CD Display Frame. Think of the possibilities! Expand them! The CD Wall Tiles are a space-saving solution to all your cluttering CDs making a mess of your floor! The CD Wall Frame enable you to proudly display 9 of your favourite standard-sized CDГ‚s in different patterns on your wall! The CD Wall Tiles can be arranged into a marvellous amount of different shapes includin grid formation, straight line, stair-stepped, semi-staggered, diamond, arrow and random alignment! Each CD Wall Tile can hold either a single or double CD in its case The CD Wall Tiles work on a Г‚clip and stickГ‚ system Г‚ simply clip them into your desired pattern, then stick them to your wall using the special adhesive clips provided The CD Wall Tiles are black and transparent just like standard CD cases Each CD Wall Tile measures approximately 15.5 cm x 14 cm No tools or other components are needed to assembly the CD Wall Tiles The CD Wall Tiles are a great for anyone with a grand collection of 9 CDs!

Price*: £20.99

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