Top 5 Terrifyingly Terrific Halloween Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when the Ghouls come out and Vampires and Zombies lurk the streets in search of…sweets!

Every year Halloween gets bigger and better in the UK and the Random Shop are flying the flag of frights this year by bringing you a spooky selection of gory presents that make brilliant Halloween Gifts and will scare the pants off guests at parties, unless of course their Halloween costume overlooks pants! Take a look at our Top 5 Halloween Gift Picks Today.

1) Blood Bag Shower Pack

This gory little shower accessory is a brilliant gift for Halloween and is a recipe for pure Halloween horror. Why not recreate the famous shower scene from physco while having a scrub down? This Blood Bag Shower Pack will look great in any shower at this time of year and will make your guests question your sanity and probably run for the door, screaming!

Blood Bag Shower Pack Information:

  • Blood Bath Shower Gel is a red shower gel in a blood transfusion pouch
  • 400ml in each pack!
  • Handy hanging loop for your shower!
  • It measures approx 110 mm x 170 mm x 50 mm
  • Great gifts for any weirdo’s
  • 2) Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes

    These spooky ice cubes might deliver a sharp shock when served up at a Halloween party. For a real scare serve these Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes in a glass (or human head) of tomato juice. Just pop these cubes in the freezer and soon you’ll be ready to chill your drinks in scary style. And its not only water that can go in these either. Vodka Jelly Fangs anyone?

    Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes Information:

  • The Scary Vampire Ice Cube Fangs Tray holds 5 ice cube vampire dentures!
  • The ice tray is made of flexible, food safe silicone rubber
  • It measures approx 10 cm x 19 cm x 2.5 cm
  • 3) Flip Up Horror Hockey Mask T Shirt

    Pop this innocent looking t shirt on in the day and no one will ever think you are hiding a maniacal serial killer under your top. Whether out in your local shopping centre or much more sensibly while out trick or treating, flip up your top over your head to reveal a bloodied hockey mask. This is a great Halloween costume and brilliant for simple Halloween costume ideas. Grab your Flip Up Horror Hockey Mask T Shirt today and prepare for a fright fest.

    Flip Up Horror Hockey Mask T Shirt Information:

  • Adult tee shirt comes in Medium or Large
  • 100% cotton
  • White tee has “ARE YOU SCARED?” printed on the front in black
  • Underside of t shirt features a coloured image of a bloodied hockey mask
  • Flip the shirt over your head to make it looks as though you are wearing a the chilling mask
  • 4) Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume

    Are you struggling for Halloween Costume ideas this year? You don’t want to turn up to a party in a lame Halloween outfit do you? So man up and grab this mighty Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume for a bash this October. This inflatable fancy dress outfit provides instant scary bulk and puts you in the shoes of the green giant (not the sweetcorn bloke, unless of course you like sweetcorn, then go ahead and be the jolly green giant instead!). Whether you like sweetcorn or not this Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume is the outfit of the year.

    Incredible Hulk Halloween Costume Information:

  • The Inflatable Incredible Hulk Fancy Dress Costume consists of a purple and green 1 piece outfit with elasticated drawstring wrist, ankle and neck holes.
  • This funny fancy dress costume inflates via a small fan on the back of the costume which is attached to a battery pack
  • The battery pack requires 4 x AA batteries (not included, sorry)
  • This inflatable costume stores neatly back into it’s box again after each use, ready for the next time!
  • Vampire Mouth Novelty Halloween Mug

    Whatever your tipple, whether it be human blood or a tasty hot chocolate, this Vampire Mouth Novelty Halloween Mug makes a great novelty Halloween gift. There is loads of Halloween gears out there from Halloween Games to Halloween Masks, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good mug for your cuppa. Concoct your scary brew today and grab this Vampire Mouth Novelty Halloween Mug now.

    Vampire Mouth Novelty Halloween Mug Information:

  • The Vampire Fangs Halloween Mug has a comical vampire smile on one side and the same smile but with dripping blood on the other!
  • These funky mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • It measures approx 11 cm x 9.5 cm x 8 cm
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