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Rick’s review of Cat Attack Scratching Toy – It’s Stunning

Cat Attack Scratching Toy Here is Random Rick’s review of Cat Attack Scratching Toy. What a cool gift for cats… the Cat Attack Skyscraper Scratching Toy Your cat has been wreaking havoc on your furniture; youГ‚ve actually considered renaming it Catzilla, so why not save your furniture and give it a new christening gift? The Cat Attack Scratching Toy is just right for your Catzilla. These scratching post skyscrapers have already been evacuated of their tiny people, so you donГ‚t have to worry about your cat causing any harm, let it scratch to its heartГ‚s content! The skyscrapers sharpen your furry friendГ‚s claws and prepare it for a day of hunting, pouncing, and climbing trees. ItГ‚s funny to watch your pet looking like a chaos monster and you can rest assured that itГ‚s not only distracting it from your furniture, but itГ‚s also functional; cats rely on their claws for protection out in the big, real world so they need to be sharpened regularly. This is the ideal gift for anyone who has just welcomed a new kitten into their place or even for slightly older kitties. Set your feline buddies up with the appropriate weapons for fending off pesky dogs and foxes! The Cat Attack Scratching Toy is made of layers of cardboard so itГ‚s light weight and easy to put together. Just donГ‚t be tempted to act out a Godzilla scene and run it down yourself! Cat Attack Scratching Toy Information Cat Attack is a cardboard scratching post in the shape of high rise buildings! Simple construction Cardboard mimics tree bark which cats love to claw at amp; is also a great way of training your cats away from clawing your sofa! 3 different sized buildings so the perfect scratch post for cats or kittens Recyclable and cat friendly glues and inks used Non-slip rubber pad on the base for extra stability It measures approx 470 mm x 400 mm x 470 mm Check Out All Our Pet Lover Gifts

Price*: £19.99

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