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Rick’s review of Indoor Fireworks Set – It’s Amazing

Indoor Fireworks Set Here is Random Rick’s review of Indoor Fireworks Set. Indoor Fireworks Set Fireworks inside your house would usually be asking for a trip to A and E, yet with this indoor firework set you can turn any dark room into a magical wonderland, without the need for an ambulance. Light the active area of each design and watch the magic happen. These party accessories are great for when you just can’t brave the British elements. They make great Halloween gifts for when pumpkins just aren’t exciting enough. There are 8 designs in the box: Snakes Alive Sizzling Strobes Flash Gordon Blazing Bengals Ice Fountains Puff the Magic Dragon Disco Inferno Indoor Sparklers You may have seen cake sparklers and mini indoor sparklers before, but these are the whole shebang. The magical fiery illusions glow in the dark and can create a mini firework display for every room in the house, but they definitely won’t take your face off! They’re even safer than they used to be, the manufacturers can now boast that they have the same quality certificate as the humble party popper! ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. KEEP AWAY FROM VINYL FLOORING AND POLISHED SURFACES. USE IN A VENTILATED ROOM.NOT FOR SALE TO PERSONS UNDER 18 About Indoor Fireworks Set Flash, bang, wallop what a display! 8 designs with signature effects 25 fireworks altogether

Price*: £13.99

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