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Rick’s review of The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat – It’s Memorable

The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat Here is Random Rick’s review of The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat. The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat This bag is for all of those people that have a face that could not even grace the radio, this Ugly Bag Novelty Hat is for those who have a face for morse code! Yes that’s right, if you are unfortunate enough to have a ‘Body off Baywatch… Face off Crimewatch’ then the Ugly Bag is a simple way to put the general public out of their misery. With convenient eye holes, you can wear our Ugly Bag to the pub, club or out on dates for on the go coverage that make-up just can’t compete with. It has been proven to improve your looks in just 1 easy step, the Ugly Bag makes a fantastic gift for anyone who has fallen out of the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down. If you are the Swamp Thing’s illegitimate son, or maybe your mother had a love affair with Sloth from the Goonies, this practical Ugly Bag will make social outings and general day to day life much more bearable for yourself and everyone around you. The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat is a paper bag with convenient eye holes. Cover up any ugly face instantly! This joke gifts has ‘Body off Baywatch… Face off Crimewatch on the front a 1st place Ugly Contest ribbon printed on the back with ‘I do not know why you are laughing… Have you looked in a mirror recently!’ The bag measures approx 40 cm x 31.5 cm x 15 cm Great practical joke gifts for all ages The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat makes a cheap and funny fancy dress costume! If youГ‚re amazingly good looking, why not give all your butt-ugly colleagues a break and wear one of these Ugly Bags so they will have a chance with the ladies this time? What will you find within The Ugly Bag Novelty Hat pack? 1 x Ugly Bag

Price*: £7.99

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