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Rick’s review of Bear Grills Mens T-shirt – It’s Brilliant

Bear Grills Mens T-shirt Here is Random Rick’s review of Bear Grills Mens T-shirt. Know Someone who likes Bear? If So Buy Your ‘Bear Grills’ T-shirt Today In November 1902 American President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt was out bear hunting in Mississippi. When his assistant tied a bear to a tree and invited The President to shoot it Roosevelt declined on the grounds that he considered it unsportsmanlike. The incident inspired a cartoon in the Washington Post, and when he saw it Morris Mitchtom founded The Ideal Novelty And Toy Company to produce a toy stuffed bear cub that he called ‘Teddy’s Bear’. These quickly became so cool that Roosevelt himself adopted one as a mascot when he came to seek re-election in 1906. Soon Teddy Bear’s Picnics were so popular that The Bear Grill was produced so that the little furry fellas could cook their food in the great outdoors, and these days hundreds of Bear Grills restaurants can be found across the American countryside, where Teddy Bears tie hunters to trees and decide whether of not it would be unsportsmanlike to put them on the grill.

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