Buy Gold Bar Wireless Mouse a Great Gift Idea UK

Rick’s review of Gold Bar Wireless Mouse – It’s Memorable

Here is Random Rick’s review of Gold Bar Wireless Mouse. Sneer no more, Mr Tycoon, weГ‚ve got our own Gold Bar Wireless Mouse This Gold Bar Wireless Mouse is absolutely spot on for anyone wanting a comforting reminder of their gold bullion tucked away in the bank vault, and if by any chance you forget that youГ‚ve got a vast fortune locked away, a quick glances at your mouse will instantly remind you of your millions. Happens to us all the time. Just have a tickle of that scroll wheel and its two buttons as you surf the financial sites, keeping an eye on your shares, and should you notice a worrying dip in the fortunes of pork scratchings you can deal instantly with the fallout. Remember however that the Gold Bar Wireless Mouse is not as heavy as it looks, so it may be prudent to put a warning sign on your desk to remind you. Many a time weГ‚ve gone to lift our gold bar from the desk only to find that we topple backwards and land on the floor. How we laugh. ItГ‚s a gift to the office jokers of course who just point and snigger. You may also find that strange teeth marks appear on its corners, but this will simply be the office staff having covert nibbles at your mouse to see if itГ‚s real. Gold Bar Wireless Mouse Information This is an optical, wireless computer mouse in the shape of a gold bar! The mouse includes a scroll bar and left and right buttons No cables are required! simply plug in the USB stick to activate! The computer mouse takes 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Optical 800dpi Compatible with Windows and Mac laptops and computers Gold Bar Mouse measures approx 100 mm x 60 mm x 25 mm Great gift idea for computer users ages 10 and above

Price*: £24.99

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*At time of writing

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