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Rick’s review of Pollination Luxury Bee Paradise Hive – It’s Memorable

Here is Random Rick’s review of Pollination Luxury Bee Paradise Hive. The Beautiful Pollination Luxury Bee Paradise Hive If you are looking for garden accessories to help British wildlife, our Bee Hives are a smashing idea. Made for non-swarming bees, the Solitary Bee Hive will attract pollinating bees that don’t go out of their way to sting you. This creates not only a wonderful feature for your garden, but a great way of introducing nature to children! Bee Hives make fantastic garden gifts and will help your garden by attracting bees and hibernating ladybirds that eat those pesky greenfly. Great Father’s Day gifts, Birthday and Christmas presents, the bee house is great for wildlife gardens or those who have a modern home and lack of bee habitats such as trees. Made of wood from sustainable sources, this not only makes great gifts for gardeners and wildlife lovers, but solitary bees too! Bee Paradise Solitary Bee Hive Information Solitary Bee Hives are bee houses for non-swarming bees that usually live in trees Site in a visibly warm and sunny place near soil and nectar sources such as fruit, flowers or vegetables Easily opens for study Solitary bees will use the bee house from February onwards Made from sustainable wood It measures approx 18 cm x 19.5 cm x 16.5 cm Great bee gifts for any garden or orchard Bee boxes like this one not only look attractive but are beneficial to your garden too! 1 x Bee Hive

Price*: £23.95

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