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Rick’s review of Relaxing Eye Massager – It’s Stunning

Here is Random Rick’s review of Relaxing Eye Massager. EyeZone Relaxing Head Massager The EyeZone Eye Massager is excellent for good effective relief from the stresses of life, headaches and migraines. This item was promoted by Richard and Judy and has been developed from Chinese acupuncture, massage amp; magnetic principles. The relaxing three in one range battery operated Eye Massager can help with the followin The Eye Massager alleviates eye fatigue caused by extensive use of computers, long periods of driving, reading or studying. This Eye massager reduces wrinkles by improving tone amp; elasticity by increasing ones blood circulation, nourishing the skin whilst also allowing for more efficient removal of waste products from our skin cells. The EyeZone Eye Massager reduces bags, swollen or puffy eyes along with reducing the dark rings caused by poor blood circulation. Eyezone massager can also help to alleviate insomnia by inducing a state of deep relaxation that allows for a restful night’s sleep. The Eye Massager Details The EyeZone Massager does all of the above by combining the 3 therapies (below) in one superb massaging gadget: 1. Massage Therapy – When eyes are strained and tired, massaging the temple and surrounding area helps remove tension by stimulating nerves around the eye, reducing stresses within. Such stimulation improves micro-circulation, activating and regulating the muscle fibres helping to increase resistance to eye diseases. 2. Pinhole Therapy – The eye massager uses a lens with multiple pinholes many focused images form on the retina and a clear natural image is seen. No effort is required from the eye muscles as the only rays entering the eye are already in focus, consequently there is a dramatic relaxing effect. 3. Magnetic Therapy – For hundreds of years wonder and magic have been associated with the mysterious forces exerted by natural magnets. Magnetic devices have been claimed to relieve pain and to have therapeutic value against a large number of diseases and conditions, the most common being the improvement of blood circulation. Although not proved scientifically, many believe that magnetic therapy does have a well-being effect upon the body. With this in mind the eye massager emits a mild Bionorth body facing magnetic field intended to further enhance the blood circulation. The dimensions of the eyezone eye massager are: 160 x 90 x 70 mm. The eyezone massager has a black elasticated strap with a velco fastener to secure it on your head. Requires 1 x AA battery – not included – sorry.

Price*: £19.99

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