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Rick’s review of Pink Face Money Box – It’s Brilliant

Pink Face Money Box Here is Random Rick’s review of Pink Face Money Box. Watch your cash disappear into the Pink Face Money Box! If itГ‚s not bad enough that the banks are eating up all our heard-earned pennies, along comes this Pink Face Money Box which does exactly the same thing! But wait Г‚ no itГ‚s OK. This money box doesnГ‚t pay itself massive bonuses or use your money for nefarious purposes. No, just wave your paltry cash in front of its face and it will open up and chew your money to keep it safe! It wonГ‚t run off and spend it somewhere else. With its lovely rubbery pink face youГ‚d be a hard-hearted brute if you could even think that the battery operated Pink Face Money Box could run off and spend your money. No, it will keep it safe from all financial institutions and give it straight back to you as soon as you ask for it, and thatГ‚s a promise. It wonГ‚t need to go to the government for an emergency loan, and thatГ‚s definitely a bonus worth having. Pink Face Money Box Information The Face Bank Money Box is an animated money bank that chews and swallows your coins! Motion activated – Simply wave a coin in front of his face and he’ll open and close his mouth On/ Off switch Pink rubber surface It measures approx 9.5 cm x 97 mm x 95 mm The belt clip takes 4 x AAA batteries (not included) Great Gift Idea for ages 6 and over

Price*: £19.99

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