Buy 2.7kg Tub of Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes a Fun Gift Idea UK

Rick’s review of 2.7kg Tub of Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes – It’s Hilarious

2.7kg Tub of Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes Here is Random Rick’s review of 2.7kg Tub of Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes. Tuck into the fizz of Tasty Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes For lovers of traditional sweets, nothing comes close to a Pascall Kola Kube, but now Taveners have taken over the Pascall brand and have managed to make them even more delicious by returning to their traditional recipe which uses only the best natural ingredients. This traditionally styled jar contains a whopping 2.7kg of the original and very best delicious sugar-coated Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes, the tasty tasty hard boiled traditional retro sweets with the soft chewy cola centre and a crystallised sugar glaze coating.What’s more, these delicious sweets are suitable for vegetarians, are completely gluten free, and are even Halal certified, so everybody can enjoy their unique, distinctive tang. If you’ve been looking for a gift for a sweet-toothed loved one, nothing can beat the delight that comes from a jar of delicious Cola Cubes, with their intense flavour and unmistakable red cuboid look. So if you want to relive those treasured childhood memories of traditional sweets from a traditional sweetshop, our jars of delicious, sugar-coated Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes are the place to start. Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes Details: 2.7 kg of Retro Kola Kubes Crystallised Sugar Glazed Coating Only Available via 3-5 day delivery service

Price*: £27.99

Buy 2.7kg Tub of Taveners Pascall Kola Kubes

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