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Rick’s review of Origami Folding Table Napkins – It’s Amazing

Origami Folding Table Napkins Here is Random Rick’s review of Origami Folding Table Napkins. Having A party? Add Something unusual to the event with these Origami Folding Table Napkins The flowers you ordered as the centre piece for your dinner party wilted before they even made it to the table but you still need to impress your guests! If youГ‚ve planned a dinner party, youГ‚re bound to have dinner napkins about, so why not practice your decorative origami skills with the Origami Folding Table Napkins in preparation for mini disasters like that? These napkins come with instructions so you can teach your guests if you need to inject a bit of fun to your party or you can keep your secret well hidden and leave them all dumbfounded. TheyГ‚ll be begging you to show them more and more tricks so youГ‚d better not get carried away and promise them a napkin Eiffel Tower. Paper napkins are usually the dullest accessory to take up a place on your table, so why not match them to your party theme with a bit of origami magic? For a wedding you could bring out the paper swans, for your parentsГ‚ anniversary why not bust out the flower? The Origami Folding Table Napkins will provide you with hours of fun while you practice and then hours of smugness afterwards while you show off to your friends and colleagues at the next dinner party you attend. Origami Folding Table Napkins Information Origami Napkins are paper napkins with instructions for making origami shapes You can make a t-shirt, flower, boot and swan! 40 in a pack Each napkin measures approx 340 mm x 340 mm when fully unfolded Great party accessories!

Price*: £6.99

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