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Rick’s review of Remote Controlled Cockroach – It’s Amazing

Remote Controlled Cockroach Here is Random Rick’s review of Remote Controlled Cockroach. The Amazing Creepy Crawly Remote Controlled Cockroach This creepy crawly Remote Controlled Cockroach will have you itching all over with excitement! Based on the Periplaneta Americana cockroach, this nasty RC toy will scuttle quickly across your floor and scare the living daylights out of any unsuspecting victim. An ideal Birthday or Christmas gift for anyone who is fascinated by insects or pranks, this cockroach will delight children and adults alike. The remote controlled toy has an infra-red remote and can be moved in any direction. It also has a special ‘prepare to scare’ mode! Once primed, the cockroach will remain still for 30 seconds (enough time for you to scarper!) and then suddenly start to scuttle at full speed in random directions for 20 seconds! Imagine setting this up whilst your family are watching a horror movie! Remote Controlled Cockroach Information The Remote Controlled Cockroach is a RC insect! Includes a pocket-sized remote control with back, forward, left and right functions The cockroach measures approx 11 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm Includes ‘prepare to scare’ mode! This remote control toy and controller takes 5 x AG13 batteries and 5 x AG13 (all included) Fantastic novelty gifts for ages 4 and above!

Price*: £19.99

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