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Rick’s review of Wire Cupcake Tree Stand – It’s Great

Wire Cupcake Tree Stand Here is Random Rick’s review of Wire Cupcake Tree Stand. Like Baking? What better way to present your creations? Try this Wire Cupcake Tree Stand So youГ‚ve made 24 cupcakes. Now how are you going to present them without squashing them? HereГ‚s how: youГ‚re going to eat one and then place the remaining 23 on this Wire Cupcake Tree Stand. Now you can transport and display them easily without worrying about them colliding into each other in a Tupperware box. The Wire Cupcake Tree Stand is so decorative in its own rite that you just plop it in the middle of a nicely decorated table and you have a splendid centerpiece for any party! Think of all the possibilities: white cupcakes for a wedding, yellow ones for a Golden Anniversary, Green and Red ones for Christmas and Pink or Blue ones for a Christening. The Wire Cupcake Tree Stand will hold cupcakes up to 6cm wide, so you donГ‚t worry if your first batch came about a bit uneven! You donГ‚t even need to fill all the holders with cupcakes, you can pop mince pies in for a festive variation or you could even place muffins in it and serve up brunch in style. Remember that fund-raising bake sale your kid reminded you about last week? Thought about how youГ‚re going to present your goods to maximize temptation and thus maximize the funds raised? Look no further; this cupcake stand will do the trick. Wire Cupcake Tree Stand Information The Cupcake Stand is a wire cupcake tree that can hold up to 23 cakes! Easy to assemble It measures approx 325 mm x 300 mm x 325 mm Holds a variety of sized cupcakes up to 60 mm in width Ideal for parties and events and keen bakers gift ideas! Check out all our: Funky Kitchen Gifts

Price*: £21.99

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