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Rick’s review of You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll – It’s Hilarious

Here is Random Rick’s review of You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll. Forget fluffy dice and stuffed animals, get the You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll! We donГ‚t know about you but weГ‚re tired of stuffed animals cluttering up the house and those fluffy dice in the car that people think make such wonderful gifts, so we got our mitts on one of these You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll sets each instead. KermitГ‚s been given the old heave-ho and Miss Piggy is bereft, but we donГ‚t care. What we want is our own little Mini-Me and stick a pic of our face on it before sending it to someone so they remember what we look like! Romeo and Juliet should have had a pair of these and it would saved a lot of arguments and all that crying at the end. Stuff it with whatever you want to stuff it with and add all those little extras that make it so you – like a miniature of your ratty old sweater, or hair that hasnГ‚t been washed for weeks Г‚ and whizz it off in the post to someone who needs to remember that you exist. WeГ‚re not talking about ex girlfriends or boyfriends who dumped you either. I can just see all those young things sending them to each other and swearing undying love Г‚ just as long as theyГ‚re not sticking pins in. You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll Details This You Doo Doll kit allows you to create and personalise your very own doll to create your own ‘Mini-Me’ Simply print an image of your face onto the transfer paper, iron it on and dress your doll up! Handy opening on one side so you can either stuff your You Doo Doll even more (boobies!) or put in herbs and lavender for a yummy scent The Voo Doo Doll measures approx 230 mm x 90 mm x 20 mm The kit comes complete with transfer paper, clothing for you to personalise and instructions This personalised gift is great Gift Idea for ages 14 and above You Do Doll Г‚ Make Your Own Doll box contains? 1 x You Doo Doll 1 x Pack of Transfer paper 3 x Pieces of clothing (t-shirt, trousers, skirt) 1 x Set of Instructions

Price*: £9.99

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