Dog Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Dog Gift Ideas For Your Dog



Dog Gift Ideas For Your Dog

For many dog owners a collar is just something to place the lead and ID tag on and as long as it does the job it’s supposed to they don’t really care that much about the look. Other owners, particularly of smaller dogs like Yorkshire Terriers and Pugs, sometimes want to make a bit of a show or statement with their doggy’s accessories.  That’s especially true as we move through the second half of spring and into summer. You will want to shine whether you are taking your pet pooch to the bar, beach, walking in the High Street or even visiting the pet parlour for essential grooming.

Random Rick says that the well-dressed dog about town needs a look that can’t be easily upstaged by other people’s pet pooches.  That’s why The Random Shop now has elements from the super-stylish Puchi range available. These have been handpicked for the discerning dog owner and fashionista pampered pooches. We have loads of dog gift ideas to choose from.

The Crocodile Rocks dog collar, for example, is a thing of beauty.  In green imitation crocodile skin and studded with imitation emerald gems, your dog will really stand out from the crowd with this hot little number.

“I recommend pairing it with the Crocodile Rocks lead to complete the look.” says Rick.  “That’ll have your dog crocodile rocking wherever you go and getting admiring glances from other, more mundanely dressed dogs.”

I know some dog owners like to co-ordinate their dog’s look with their own so, if that’s you and green isn’t your thing (even though it’s one of the hot fashion colours for spring/summer 2015), you should definitely check out the alternatives that The Random Shop has to offer, such as the Cream of the Croc collar and lead combination.

Random Rick says “Dogs are getting noticed more as celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, Rihanna and Kate Bosworth are regularly being snapped with their ‘best friend’.  It’s no surprise that people want their pet to shine because it’s a reflection of their personalities as well as a way of showing that they responsibly care for an animal.”

The growing trend for pooch bling may have been led by the celeb ‘It crowd’ like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but it’s been filtering through to the general public at an accelerating rate .  People buy pet bling most often because they want their beloved pet to have something special to wear for ‘be seen’ occasions and, with photography at everybody’s fingertips, the opportunity for a doggy fashion shoot is never far away. If you are not using instagram to show off the next best collar combo your pooch is wearing from The Random Shop you are missing out on lots of eyes on you and your dog this Summer.This is the place to watch for all dog gift ideas for your dog.

With the growing trend towards creating a co-ordinated look we anticipate increased interest in not only matching nails and jewellery to clothes, but also to accessorise a dog to create a completely complementary look. We also like to buy dog gifts for our own best pals so think this is a lovely way to treat yourself and your pooch! I love looking for dog gift ideas so stay tuned in.

It looks as though it’s going to be a fun summer if we’re right and of course we like to think we will be!


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