Spoil Your Partner

Spoil Your Partner

Join Hands, We’re on a Love Train

Everyone should feel the need to treat their partner to something now and again.  It keeps the love train on the move when people know that they’re being thought about.

Show That You Care

It’s the simplest thing in the world to show someone that you care.  Demonstrate your feelings by unexpectedly treating your significant other to something attractive or relaxing.  Believe me, your smidgen of effort will be repaid tenfold just by the look of appreciation when they see what you did.

The simplest start could be the I Love You heart-shaped cushion.  It’s a total cliché, but sometimes a cliché becomes a cliché for a good reason.  Not intended as a back-support but as something to cuddle, perhaps while watching the movie ‘Dear John’.

Spa time

After that (or if you think the cushion is too small a gesture to demonstrate your true feelings) you could try the complete chill solution of creating a spa experience in your own home.  There’s so much going on in this kit that something has to work.  If you think it might need a little extra oomph, add in an underwater light show and mesmerise your loved one with colour-changing magic.

If you have a shower but no bath, then a scaled down solution is needed, so opt for the Gelicity Peppermint and Menthol Foot Treatment pack.  The great thing is that there are three treatments in the pack, so you can keep that relaxed feeling going for longer.

Alternatively, perhaps a glass or two of vino gorgeoso will do the trick.  If you’re not blessed with a wine cellar and don’t even have room for a nice rack to keep your bottles in, never fear, Rick is here with the wall-mounted solution.  Not only is it made from easy to clean stainless steel, but you won’t have to keep pulling bottles out to find that special 1998 Nuit St Georges Premier Cru because you can easily read the labels while they’re in the rack.

Mix all that up with a display of the night sky without having to go outside and you’ll have created an experience that transports your loved one’s day from mundane to marvellous.

If all of that sounds like way too much trouble to go to, perhaps distraction is your preferred solution so you might want to try setting free a ball-chasing weasel.  It can’t fail to amuse (and if you happen to have a pet cat you should definitely film its reaction for potential YouTube viral popularity).

Funny Gifts

On the subject of amusement, sometimes the comic gifts are the best ones. If you’re constantly interrupting kitchen creativity (maybe with viral YouTube videos of cats chasing weasels chasing balls) make a gift of the F**k off I’m busy apron.  The message can then be delivered simply by turning towards you and no verbal additions are required.

If you just want to show that you care, but in a way that can’t fail to produce laughter, simply make a pot of tea.  Seeing you drinking from this mug will produce instantaneous mirth.

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