Bye Bye Summer

Bye Bye Summer


Although summer hasn’t been a washout, it’s been unpredictable.  Plan for a BBQ afternoon and halfway through the proceedings it rains – for 25 minutes.  Looks like rain in the morning so you don’t hang the washing outside and 2 hours later it’s 26°C and brilliant sunshine.

Not that we care, because we’re British and the weather’s just another conversation piece for most of us.  If we didn’t have our weather we’d end up talking about football, politics or religion, all three of which have been known to end in fisticuffs.

One thing that men can never argue about is whether a stack of burgers can ever be too big, because we all know that it can’t.  As an example of cuisine to make you drool I offer up the Oh My Goodness Giant Burger T Shirt.  It’s inspirational clothing for people who like to get their barbecue on in a big way.  It also makes for easy ordering after a few beers, because when someone asks you what  you want to eat you don’t have to speak, you just point at the shirt.

While I’m on about barbecues, keep your giant burger T shirt clean while you grill with a Devil’s BBQ apron – just saying.  If you want something that shows off your abs instead (something I haven’t had since about 1999) you could always try the hedonist naked golfer apron to get the girls shouting phwoar.

If you’re going all out and heading into complete home bar territory, you can complete the deal with a revolving Bar Butler.  It holds 4 spirit bottles and makes drink dispensing simple.  If you’re in with the cocktail set then two of these should help you keep up with the demand for your expert mixology skills.

One thing nobody ever does is build a party website because there’s a lot of work involved.  Not any more because with Mr Site’s Takeaway Website Kit you can get all of your guests’ funny photos up in one place.  It only takes minutes to build the site, you get to choose your site name and it even comes with an email account for your mates to send stuff to.  I quite fancy having

My kids have been pestering for a couple of those electric boards with a wheel on each side so that they can skim about without having to do any legwork.  They’re about £400 each so I said that I’d be irresponsible as a parent if I bought them, because their legs wouldn’t develop properly.  I did suggest a couple of these Retro Pedal Racers instead.  We used to make things just like these when I was a kid and they were always a lot of fun but hard work.  Just what kids need these days.

They haven’t asked again, because they’re not speaking to me at the moment.

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