Lighting Up Autumn

Lighting Up Autumn

Well, it’s nearly August Bank Holiday and that usually means the end of the summer weather except for an occasional day or two.  That also means the evenings start to get gloomy quite early, so I’ve been looking about at a few unusual ways to brighten up indoors without switching all the overhead lights on.

One thing I was drawn to (a bit like a moth) was the Mathmos Colour Changing Light which you can set to a single colour or let it cycle through a whole spectrum of shades.  As the evening darkens you can increase the brightness and it’s great to have some soft illumination when watching TV.

If you want to make the most of what Mother Nature gives then the Pink Solar Light Jar is ideal.  Stand it on a windowsill during the day and put it in a dark hallway in the evening.  The rosy glow is bright enough to see where you’re going and on a full charge it provides up to 8 hours of light.  That means you won’t have any need to flick lights on and off while carrying the bedtime cocoa (which can sometimes result in a wall covered in cocoa).

I like a nice read in the evenings (TV is very often rubbish) but I don’t like cracking the spines of books by laying them flat or folding over a page corner and I keep losing bookmarks .  Problem solved with this little Book Rest House Lamp.  It looks fantastic and gives off just the right amount of light to read by – more gentle glow than bright beam.  When your reading’s interrupted you just rest your book on top and it becomes the roof, so you come back to the same page.

Mrs Random does like a bit of romance but I’m not too keen on naked flames near curtains, so I found a solution in these Remote Control LED Candles.  The look like wax candles, flicker like wax candles but wax candles they’re not.  Well, actually they are because they’re made of wax.  Look, they’re remote control candles with dimmer function.  If that isn’t cool enough for you I may as well go home now.

Recycling used to be a pain, but now it’s a pleasure because I can use empty bottles as lamps.  That’s ’empty a bottle, turn it into a new lamp’.  Fit a Bottle Light into almost any bottle and it will gently glow for up to 2.5 hours.  The other great thing is that you charge them up from a USB port – no batteries required.  Making lamps was never more rewarding.

Finally, something for the babies.  Twilight Turtle is a sleepy little cuddly chap with a hard shell.  He’ll project an image of the night sky onto the bedroom walls and ceiling for 45 minutes, after which he switches off automatically.  He’s perfect for proving little ones with gentle lighting for just the right amount of time for them to drop off to sleep.  Actually, I think I want one for myself.

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