Brrrr! Bonfire Night is Coming

Brrrr! Bonfire Night is Coming

Well, here we are in Octember (I know it’s September but it’s got chilly).

Anyway, it’s only a few weeks now until Bonfire Night and I thought we should all start getting ready for it.

I like a nice firework display and so do the nippers, so we all head out for the local one in the park and then go home for sparklers and a barbecue. This year I’ll be wearing my Danger – Man Cooking apron and hat (the hat’ll keep my head warm).  There’ll be bangers, but not the firework variety.

There are loads of different aprons in the shop – take a look to see if you fancy any.

Hot Sausage Apron

As well as the barbie there’ll be a big bowl of buttery cheesy mash and I’m going to put a boot print on top of every serving with this Boot Print Masher.  Bit of a laugh opportunity.  It’s what we all need more of.

There’ll also be Gingerbread Men that look as though they’ve already been got at because they’ll be made with Already Been Chewed cookie cutters.

This year I’m going to surprise the little ones with an indoor firework display to finish things off.  They’re also handy to have in case it’s persisting down with rain. With 25 fireworks in the box they’re great for parties too and they’re rated as safe as party poppers if you follow the instructions!

Thinking about the colder weather also reminds me of the trouble I had last year with my phone. You know how it goes. Phone rings, pull phone out of pocket, press screen, remember to take glove off and tuck it under your arm, touch screen again and have a chat with one hand in your pocket, then hang up and realise that you don’t have a glove under your arm anymore because you’ve been speaking Italian (which usually calls for a lot of arm-waving – I find it helps with my accent).

Now you can get gloves that work with smartphone screens, so they’re definitely on my shopping list.

On the subject of gloves and thinking back to me going on about Halloween, what could be more fun than going out in the dark wearing all black except for a pair of Glow-in-the-Dark Gloves? Wave your arms around and look like a pair of luminous ‘Things’ (Addams Family).

I can tell I’m getting older because I keep looking for things to keep me warm in cold weather. I’ve only recently found these hand-warmers and they’re a great idea to help anyone who suffers from poor circulation. I’m going to get one for my old Mum so she can use it while she waits for the bus when she goes shopping. She likes riding the bus but always complains in winter that her hands get painful with the cold.

When it gets really cold I don’t mind looking like a ‘nana if it means I can be warm. That’s why I bought a furry Russian-style hat with ear flaps, but my wife won’t let me wear it in bed even when she turned the heating down to lower our ‘carbon footprint’ (translation = energy bill). I’ve got the answer to that because this winter I’ll be wearing one of these.

Cheers all and be lucky

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