Costume Drama and other problems

Costume Drama and other problems

Hi Folks,

I know that party season is a little while away (for some – there are some people who just live to party, or is that just me?) but I thought it was time to bring a few of the fancy dress big guns out.

First up is the creepy bit for Halloween and there’s not much creepier than a cockroach.  I hate the little bu**ers things, the way they make that skittering noise and move at an incredible rate across the floor when you switch a light on – UGH!  To become one of the most detested insects on Earth, all you need is the Cockroach Costume, which is almost guaranteed to keep people away from the buffet while you’re trying to fill a plate.

If you don’t like dressing up you could always settle for a mask and what better for the occasion than a Frankenstein monster mask that you can peel off at sometime during the party (I hope you look better without it).

You might want to surprise people by wearing a Tee-shirt with the logo ‘Instant Halloween Costume’. ‘What does that mean?’ they might ask. When they do you just flip the front over your head (wear a second shirt underneath unless you’re either an Adonis or you don’t care) and there’s a scary face on the inside.  Works for ladies too.

The original Red Riding Hood story was all about a wolf, a grandmother and a woodsman with an axe. Red Riding Hood would fit right in with Halloween, especially if she wore this costume.

Of course there’s not much that’s more scary than old age, so if you wanted to put a surreal spin on things then the Inflatable Zimmer Frame would be one way to go, but if you’re already up there in the number of years you’ve been around then perhaps a little brain training with the Build a Zimmer Frame kit might help.  I’m already walking into rooms and wondering what it was I was supposed to get.

One thing I do find helpful is a nice friendly game of poker. If nothing else it reminds me which of my friends are good liars when I get bluffed out of a hand. My poker set is tops though – take a look because it’s in the sale.

My wife doesn’t play poker, but she has watched too much television during her life.  That’s why I always end up losing miserably (I don’t mind losing but her ‘victory dance’ makes me miserable) whenever we play TV Trivia.  There are three sets for the 70s, 80s and 90s and, to be honest, I can never remember any of the answers.

Well, that’s another mini-massive-missive (see what I did there?) just about done with.

All I want to add is that, whatever you do for fun at this time of year, please make sure you don’t literally scare the life out of anyone with a serious heart condition.

Have fun, play safe.


Fear Me!


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