Octember, the Cold Month Before Colder Nocember

Octember, the Cold Month Before Colder Nocember

Hi folks,

Here we are again and in typical British fashion I’m going to talk about the weather.  To begin with, we had summer in May even though May is ‘officially’ spring.  July was a festival of grey skies with snatches of blue and all across the UK gardeners are wondering what to do with all their green tomatoes because they’re still eating their way through last year’s bumper batch of green tomato chutney.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a big fan of cold weather.  It’s not too bad when you’re all wrapped up to go outside but it shouldn’t ever feel too cold indoors.  For one thing it makes coffee cool down too quickly, but with the price of power constantly rising and the ecological impact of running central heating we run the thermostat a few degrees lower than we used to.

“Wear a cardy!” my wife says, “You’ve had one every Christmas for years and you never wear them.”

While I may be older than I used to be, I’m still not feeling the ‘cardy’ vibe just yet and anyway,  knitwear won’t keep my coffee warm, so I came up with a few practical problem solvers, starting with the brilliant Cookie USB Mug Warmer.  There’s no need to explain what it does because it’s all in the name.

Children don’t sleep well when they’re cold (neither do I) but we’ve gone off hot water bottles after one split a few years ago.  Fortunately it was quite cool when it split so there were no injuries, But it took forever to dry out the mattress.  Lamb Hot Hugs may sound a bit risky to the dirty-minded (you know who you are), but it’s a brilliant idea.  These soft toys contain a pouch that can be heated in the microwave (only takes 90 seconds in anything over 750w) and then replaced into the toy’s tummy.  The pouch is infused with calming camomile and lavender oils to soothe your little ones gently to sleep. For the complete set of woolly comforts, your trio of ovines will be complete with a pair of Fluffy Sheep Slippers.

Toasty Toes

The thing about keeping warm is that to manage it you have to accept that you’ll look a bit of a lemon sometimes.  I mean that cold weather wear isn’t usually anything like top designer gear, but when you have a choice between looking stylish and keeping warm a lot of people go for comfort. The sheep isn’t the only thing you can microwave to keep warm. Get a load of these definitely-not-stylish Microwaveable Fluffy Slippers.  They come in one size to fit feet that fit into shoes sized 3 to 8. My plates are 12s so I’ll be thinking of you small-footed people smiling happily when my toes are freezing. If you don’t fancy warming your slippers where you just reheated a curry, then as an alternative you could look at these Ladies’ Feather-Filled Slipper Boots.  These come in 3 different sizes (up to size 7/8) and have a rubber sole for extra safety.

If your family is one that spends evenings on the sofas watching some quality TV while tapping away on tablets, your nippy nippers will certainly appreciate the gift of comfort, warmth and freedom to tap that’s all built-in to the Fleece Blanket with Sleeves.  Pure genius and currently on sale with 20% off.  We also stock them in adult size, so everyone can be comfy together.  Nice!

The last thing I want to talk about is the dreaded cold draught.  It always comes along after you’ve settled down on the sofa with a nice hot mug of cocoa. Well draughts be gone, because I’m now exercising living room border control in a patriotic manner with a Union Jack Draught Excluder. At 88cm it’s wide enough for most domestic doors and works a treat AND it’s made in the UK.


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