A Thought for those with CPS (and a Christmas Hamper competition)

A Thought for those with CPS (and a Christmas Hamper competition)

Before we begin I need to remind you to go to this page and do stuff on it for a chance to win this lovely Christmas Hamper.

Nearly there. Just a few days to go and time to spare a thought for anyone born between the 23rd and 27th of December who are guaranteed to have suffered from ‘Combined Present Syndrome’ (CPS).

CPS is a well-known condition and sufferers will tell you that they have, on at least one occasion, received a combined present that was carried a quality reduction of  25% compared with a sibling’s  separate birthday and Christmas presents.  Kids notice these things.

I think the problem is that parents try to buy children stuff they really want for Christmas, so when you throw in a birthday element they get a bit stumped.

I have only these words of advice – ‘go random’.

Children love random. They love being the only one amongst all of their friends to be the owner of a particular thing.  If someone else gets one they’re just validating the first to have one as ‘cool’.

So randomness isn’t all bad. Let’s get random!

Number one on my list of random cool presents is the Mixing Finger Beats gadget. Tap on the picture to play the sounds. You can record and play back what you just played and it plugs into an MP3 player so you can listen as you slap out a rhythm. Cool, guy.

This one is really for babies – actually it’s for parents of babies who have friends without babies (because once you’ve been in the green it stops being funny – only a parent knows what that means). It’s a Loading Nappy Baby-Grow with a fill indicator bar across the front.  I suppose it would also be a gift from people without babies TO new parents – whatever, it works both ways.

This winter you could save on your essential heating bills AND get your sprogs into bed easier by running the house a bit cooler in the evening and putting  a luxury knitted owl bed warmer and you’ll have them sold on bed time. Pop the wheat bag in the microwave for a minute and it releases soothing chamomile and lavender odours to relax your little ones off to sleep (it’s on sale too).

Heated Owl Warmer

Now you might think this is a bit messy, but kids love a bit of mess and they’ll also get to learn a bit about precision with this Make Money Rubber Stamp Kit.  With numbers, symbols for Euros, Pounds, Dollars and Yen and some decorative motifs as well as a pad of banknote sized paper, they’ll be hitting the ink pads faster than you can say ‘forgery’.

If your sproglet is developing a sense of rhythm you can feed his (or her) muse with a roll-out drum kit. It features an MP3 input so they can jam along with their favourite tunes and a headphone jack to enable anyone nearby to carry on oblivious to the racket they make. Whether you end up with a John Bonham, a Dave Grohl or a Yoshimi P-We will depend on how you influence your child’s musical tastes.  As long as you don’t get a Keith Moon who’ll drive your car into a swimming pool.

Have fun and stay safe,

See you in the New Year,



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