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300 Piece Luxury Professional Poker Set


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    Luxury Poker Set in Stylish Metal Case

    An ideal all-in-one Poker Chip Set for 3-4 players fully equipped with 300 11.5g poker chips, two decks of cards, five dice and dealer button all in a high quality alumninium case.

    # 300 pc design poker chips. These highly resilient poker chips weigh 11.5 gram and are made of top quality composite resin with a metal insert for the added weight. The chips are highly durable and resistant to scratch marks and have a superior touch and feel making them the most popular chips for home gaming use. The Diamond design has a classic look.

    Luxury Poker Set Information:

  • 2 decks of brand new Plastic Playing Cards.
  • 5 brand new dice
  • Deluxe aluminum poker chip case sleekly designed with rounded edges and lined with plush foam for maximum protection.
  • Dealer button
  • This Set includes Casino sized Poker Chips (40mm diameter) with no printed value in the following colors:

  • 100 white chips (commonly used as £1)
  • 100 red chips (commonly used as £5)
  • 50 green chips (commonly used as £25)
  • 50 black chips (commonly used as £100)
  • An advantage of using chips with no printed value is that you can assign the value you prefer to different colors.

    Look far and wide and you're unlikely to come across a better, classier, more beautiful set!

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