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Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Tent


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    Fun Times Await with this Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Tent

    One of the simplest and enjoyable games has to be cowboys and Indians! Boys and girls can play together in harmony and run around outside in the fresh air chasing each other. If your child likes to play the role of an Indian, give their imagination a helping hand with the Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Tent. Watch your child protect their territory or instil a bit of calm by telling them a story in the tent. Introduce the Wigwam to your child's birthday party and they will be the most popular kid at school in no time. In fact, with the "glamping" craze coming into fashion at the moment, you'll probably be jealous of your own child's Wigwam. Unfortunately, the Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Tent really is for children only, you would probably only be able to fit half an adult in one, so don't even bother trying to usurp your child's territory!

    This is the ideal birthday gift since no child could possibly turn down the opportunity to have their own secret little hideout where adults can't reach them, whether they actually grasp the concept of playing cowboys and Indians or not. Just make sure you keep an eye on them in case they dig into Mummy's expensive make up collection in search of tribal paint!

    Children's Wigwam Teepee Play Tent Features

  • The Wigwam is a canvas and wood play tent for your garden!
  • The set contains 6 wooden poles and a fabric outer
  • The Teepee play tent measures 1900 mm x 1400 mm x 1400 mm when erected
  • A fantastic garden accessory for ages 3 and above
  • What's in the Kid's Teepee Play Tent Box?

    • 6 x Poles
    • 1 x Fabric Tent Canvas
    • 1 x Set of Instructions
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