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Compact Transport Work Lunch Box


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    Compact Transport Work Lunch Box

    The Black and Blum lunch boxes are funky yet functional making them a must-have for food on the go . This green lunch set is perfect for kids and adults alike.

    This striking Compact Transport Work Lunch Box not only includes a spork (all-in-one spoon-fork), two food containers, and a carry strap. With innovative watertight locking seals you could even pack a liquid lunch without the worry of leakages. There are all sorts of breakfast and lunch ideas for your sleek carrier; fill one container with milk and the other with cereal to avoid a soggy brekkie, for a delicious healthy lunch you can fill one container with soup and one with fruit salad, or dig out all of those tempting lunch recipes you've kept hold of all this time.

    So give a friend some food for thought or throw out your old lunch bag and replace it with this oh-so stylish packed lunch container. Ideal for tasty snacks, hot breakfasts and healthy lunches, what more could you ask for in a lunch box?

    About the Compact Transport Work Lunch Box

    • The lunchbox comes with two stacked watertight containers- the smaller one fits inside the larger one when empty
    • Both food storage containers have a watertight locking system
    • The lunch box comes with a nifty spork and carry strap
    • The Black and Blum lunch box and spork is microwave and dishwasher safe
    • Spork and lunchbox are made from polypropylene and copolyester (BPA free)
    • The Black & Blum pot measures 19 x 11.5cm
    • Smaller lunch container holds 300 ml/10 floz
    • Big lunch container holds 550ml/18.5 floz

    What's in the bag/box/etc?

    • 1 x Spork
    • 1 x Carry strap
    • 1 x Small container
    • 1 x Large container
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