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Fijit Friends Interactive Dance Robot


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    Fijit Friends Interactive Dance Robot

    The Fijit Friends Interactive Dance Robot is guaranteed to be the number 1 christmas toy of 2011. You will need to get these fast as every girl in the UK will be after one come December. These fabulous interactive toys love to giggle and groove their soft rubbery tushes off! Kids will simply adore these crazily cute robot toys which have bright, multicolour face display and will dance when you poke or squeeze them. They are so captivating and will soon become your 'best friend forever' in the whole wide world. You can play them your favourite music and dance along together! If shaking their tail feather wasn't impressive enough, these Fijit Friends dancing robots will even recognise and respond to your voice!

    There are a whole family of Fijit Friends to collect including trend-setting Willa, sweetie-pie Serafina, sporty Logan and adventurous Sage. We can't guarantee which Fijit Friend you will receive as there is such a high demand, but it doesn't really matter as all four come with songs they sing, and will boogie in style and speed to the beat. Each robot toy will also react to 30 keywords and respond with over 150 phrases, and will even tell you knock-knock jokes! Plus they won't argue with you either - bliss!

    Forget pet rabbits and guinea pigs, these Fijit interactive toys will keep girls entertained for hours with their adorable antics! So if you're looking for gifts for children, be it for Birthdays or Christmas, then Fijit Friends are sure to be a hit and will become their new interactive Bff!

    Fijit Friends look set to be a hot and much sort after Christmas gift for 2011, so be sure to get your hands on one now - before they dance off our shelves!

    About Fijit Friends Interactive Dance Robots

    • Fijit Friends are captivatingly cute interactive dancing robot toys!
    • Result of a science experiment involving goo and music
    • Colours and sounds and decorations may vary
    • Please note: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee which Fijit interactive toy you will receive - apologies for this
    • Soft and squishy rubbery body, is animated and fidgety looking - hence the name!
    • Measures approx 22 cm x 9.5 cm x 11 cm
    • Will dance when you poke, squeeze or play it music
    • Has beat detection and will dance to your music or their own
    • Dancing robots will react to respond to your voice, will chat, sing and tell jokes!
    • Recognises over 30 keywords and will respond with over 150 phrases
    • Uses 5 x AA batteries. Batteries are included, but are for demonstration purposes only
    • Product emits flashing lights
    • Perfect Birthday or Christmas gift for girls and boys aged 6 years and above

    What's in the Fijit Friends Box?

    • 1 x Fijit Friends Interactive Robot Toy (Colours, styles, sounds and decorations may vary)
    • 5 x AA Batteries (these are for demonstration purposes only, and therefore should be replaced)
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