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Funky Shoe Shaped Shoe Horn


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    Funky Shoe Shaped Shoe Horn

    Shoe horns are rarely left about the place because they're not very pleasing to the eye. This Funky Shoe Shaped Shoe Horn blends in perfectly with all your shoes and even adds a little bit of Cinderella charm to your home. We've all hurt our thumbs trying to force our feet into shoes and ladies have probably broken a nail or two on their way out to a party trying to squeeze into their little stilettos. Now you can slip your foot into your shoe with charm and grace when your date comes to pick you up for dinner. You'll also never lose this shoe horn as it stands quite happily on its own and doesn't need to be stashed away in your bits and bobs drawer.

    If your friend's birthday is coming up and you would love to get her a new pair of Louboutins but can't quite let your wallet stretch that far, get them the next best thing; a shoe horn to help her into the Louboutins she dreams of having. The Funky Shoe Shaped Shoe Horn is the perfect gift for anyone with an extensive shoe collection, you can give them the shoe horn that will extend the lives of their shoes. All that cramming and shoving doesn't do much for expensive leather

    Funky Shoe Shaped Shoe Horn Information

  • Cindy Shoe Horn is perfect for adding a little glam to adding that fabulous footwear
  • Perfect gift for those gorgeous princesses aged 5 to 150
  • Cindy Shoe Horn measures approx 18 cm x 10.5 cm x 4.7 cm
  • Makes a great birthday or Christmas present, or a great Stocking filler
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