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In the Dog House Two Man Novelty Tent


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    In the Dog House Two Man Novelty Tent

    Have you had an argument with the missus, and want to keep your head down, or you may have even been turfed out for the night. No worries with this In the Dog House Two Man Novelty Tent. Our dog kennel shaped camping tents can fit 2 people and even come with their own dog bowl! Dare you use it for your breakfast in the morning?

    Ideal travel gifts for campers and festival goers, the Dog House Tent puts all other camping gear in the shade. There's nothing worse than going to Global Gathering and forgetting which is your tent in the sea of green and blue canvas. Well these festival tents will help you stand out from the crowd! Proving that camping equipment doesn't have to be drab, slip inside your red-roofed home and enjoy a spot of camping. If you are doggone tired after a day of hiking, jumping up and down in a mosh-pit or listening to your wife moan about her aching feet, grab a cat nap in our Dog House!

    These funky tents are easy to construct with the poles provided and make ideal Birthday gifts for men, boys and teenagers!

    About In the Dog House Two Man Novelty Tent:

    • The Dog House is a two man tent in the shape of a dog kennel!
    • Waterproof, fireproof and windproof
    • Only takes a few minutes to erect the poles!
    • Comes with it's very own dog bowl
    • The frame tents measure approx 110 cm x 110 cm x 200 cm when erected
    • Contains tent outer, ropes, pegs, poles, dog bowl and clear instructions
    • Comes in it's own zip bag
    • Ideal camping supplies for ages 8 to 180!

    Who said that being in the dog house was a bad thing? Whether you are looking for childrens tents or 2 man tents for a fishing trip, you can't beat our In the Dog House Two Man Novelty Tent!

    What's in the Dog House bag?

    • 1 x Tent Outer
    • 1 x Bag of Ropes
    • 1 x Bag of Pegs
    • 1 x Pack of Poles
    • 1 x Dog Bowl
    • 1 x Instruction Leaflet
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