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Men's Batman Dressing Gown


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    Holy chic, Batman, you're wearing a Men's Batman Dressing Gown!

    But this is no ordinary dressing gown for ordinary Gotham Cityites clothed in threadbare terry-towelling stained with tea and boiled egg and probably not washed for weeks - this Men's Batman Dressing Gown is an elegant cotton wraparound to drape about your person whilst waiting for the next urgent call from Harvey Dent. Swish about in a striding, manly sway, turning slightly every so often to give a hint of your enormous bat logo on the back. Raise an eyebrow to subtly draw attention to the smaller yet perfectly formed logo on the front. And look! Nice big pockets for keeping your mobile phone and your mask in. A gift just right for you or indeed the other Batpeople in your life.

    Don't however make the mistake of launching yourself down the Batpole into the Batcave and rocket off in the Batmobile unless you're wearing your Batsuit underneath. Modesty is all and the casual knotting of the elegant waist tie will not withstand supersonic speeds when in hot pursuit of villains. It's easy to forget you're wearing the Men's Batman Dressing Gown as it's so comfortable, so be warned. We know. We tried. The police officer was polite but his warning was somewhat terse.

    Men's Batman Dressing Gown Features

  • The Mens Batman Dressing Gown has a big Batman logo on the back and a smaller one on the front
  • This bath robe is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable
  • Batman Dressing Gown has 2 front pockets and a cotton belt
  • The dressing gown is 1 size and will fit adults. This is quite large so will fit men's sizes medium up to extra large
  • This dressing gown makes a fantastic gifts for batty blokes aged 16 and above
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    by Brian Bardon
    Date Added: 10/19/2009
    You're stars, you know that? I've been a Batman fan for years and I know I know, I'm a big man now but, well you can't fight it can you. It's in the blood! This men's Batman dressing gown actually fits really well and I'm on the big side what with the beer! nah it's all muscle, honest! No but it's a good fit, good and comfortable, and the girlfriend likes it so that's a bit of a bonus in the breakfast in bed stakes. Pretty nice. I might even get a men's batman dressing gown for her if she's good. Cheers.

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