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Personalised Pop Art Gift Pack


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    Do you know somebody who likes their Pop Art? The Personalised Pop Art Gift Pack makes a great unique personalised birthday gift idea

    Back in the sixties it was all brave and new, and artists like Andy Warhol pushed boundaries and tried new angles on art. Now you can have your favourite picture reproduced as an Andy Warhol print lookalike with this Personalised Pop Art Gift Pack. All you do is get your chosen image on to the enclosed CD and send it off the printers. They will then do wondrous things and sit playing groovy music in dark, smoke filled rooms and wear tie-dyed kaftans while they plan your fabulous work of art.

    No sooner have they whisked your photograph into the dark, mysterious recesses of their Andy Warhol print constructor, spun dials, cranked up the engine and printed off a fantastically groovy image, man, they will then lash it to an A3 frame and make sure everything looks even groovier before posting it back to you. Your picture is reproduced not one, not twice, not even thrice, but many times in the typical Warhol primary colour fashion. Then you can unwrap your print, bang a nail in the wall, mount your picture and tune in and chill out to the essence of the swinging sixties. This is retro, man, and everyone's getting into it.

    Personalised Pop Art Gift Pack Information

  • Turn your favourite photograph into a work of art
  • Once you send the photo on the enclosed CD your canvas will be with you in 10-14 working days
  • Once you have uploaded the photo to the CD and sent it you cannot return the gift tin and because the canvas is personalised it cannot be returned.
  • What's in the Personalised Pop Art Print Gift Tin?

  • Your order form
  • information and guides to selecting the best pictures
  • CD-R for digital images
  • Return envelope
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