Beer Drinking Bong – Drinks Downing Party Funnel


Product Description

Order Your Beer Bong also known as a Beer Drinking Funnel Today!

The Beer Bong is a great gift for those who love their beer, ale lager! Students, sunshine and parties will mean that the inevitable shouts of “Chug, Chug, Chug” will be heard drifting through the air on a street near you. The Beer Bong – Beer Drinking Funnel was made popular by a host of teen flicks over the years, you know them you’ve watched and though, “man, i wish i had a beer bong”.

Beer Drinking Bong – Drinks Downing Party Funnel Information:

  • The Beer Bong comes with a funnel and a long tube
  • The Beer Bong is made of red plastic with a flexible red tube and white valve
  • The Beer Bong can be hand washed and each section of the Beer Bong pulls apart for easy cleaning – use it time and again!
  • The Beer Bong is a wicked gift for budding binge drinkers aged 18 up though!
  • So what will you get in the Beer Bong set?

  • 1 x Beer Bong funnel
  • 1 x Beer Bong tube
  • Holds up to 2.5 Pints
  • Plenty of Hangovers!
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