Classic Swearing Tin


Product Description

Save every time you swear with the Classic Swearing Tin

The Classic Swearing Tin is the best way to save money if you are partial to the odd curse word. Stub your toe or shout at the ref and its money towards the holiday fund. This red metal moneybox has a hinged lid with a coin slot and has SWEAR BOX printed in white on top. It also reads ‘PAY UP INSTANT FINES FOR SWEARING’ and comes with an instant fines guide for swearing. For ‘Cussing’ it’s 20p, ‘When It Slips Out’ is 50p, and when they really turn the air blue and come out with ‘Big “F” Words they’ll have to put a whopping £1 into the fines tin! The Classic Swearing Tin makes a brilliant novelty birthday gift and is great to have around the office to save up for a work night out.

Classic Swearing Tin Details:

  • Fun money box which collects fines for swearing!
  • Red swear tin has hinged lid with coin slot and comes with mini padlock and two keys
  • Has SWEAR BOX printed on the lid, with PAY UP INSTANT FINES FOR SWEARING one one side and a fine guide on the other
  • Fines for swearing read: Cussing…20p, When It Slips out…50p and Big “F” Words…£1
  • Moneybox tin measures approx 10.7 cm x 7.7 cm x 7.7 cm
  • Amusing way to encourage people to save their save money and clean up their language!
  • Great novelty gifts for those who tend to swear a lot!

Additional Information

Weight 3.85 kg



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