Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey


Product Description

Dave the Funky novelty and hilariously funny Shoulder Monkey

Meet our friend Dave, he’s a monkey. Dave is an interactive monkey toy that sits on your shoulder and will be best friend for life. Maybe you have been searching for Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey all your life, maybe you stumbled across this and thought ‘Holy primate Batman, I have to have this toy!’, either way, this has to be one of the most awesome, cute and hilarious robotic toys we have ever seen. He sleeps, burps, chatters and moves with around 30 different actions!

Dave the Monkey sits on your shoulder much like a parrot and interacts with you and others thanks to the descrete remote control; whether it is waving, whispering in your ear, looking around and laughing or chattering away to himself. A fantastically entertaining toy for kids and adults alike, your friends and family will go crazy when they see him! Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey makes a great gadget gift for Birthdays, Christmas and more! Why not wear him as a fancy dress accessory to a pirate party like Jack the spider monkey in Pirates of the Caribbean or Ross’ pet monkey in Friends?

Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey Information

  • Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is an electronic toy that can move his arms, head and speak!
  • Over 30 different actions including waving, burping, dancing, nodding his head blowing raspberries!
  • Dave the Monkey takes 4 x AA batteries (included) and the remote control takes 1 x 1.5V cell battery (included)
  • Suitable for monkey lovers aged 4 and up.
  • Imagine strolling down the street with Dave the Monkey on your shoulder and watching everyones faces as you wonder by! If you have always wanted a pet monkey but don’t fancy being mauled to death by a chimp and having poo thrown at you, this monkey interactive toy is a great alternative.
  • What’s in the Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey pack?
  • 1 x Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Set of Instructions
  • Additional Information

    Weight 3.99 kg



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