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Find stuff in your Handbag with the Diamond Style Handbag Light

As all ladies know there are times when your tiny clutch bag can feel like a big old carpet bag as you struggle in it’s dark corners to find your car keys or lippy, only to grab a tampon or perhaps fist full of receipts. The Diamond Style Handbag Light is a handy key ring light that you can put onto your shoulder strap, purse or bags inside pocket. The diamond shaped key ring has a strong light that will brighten up the dark corners of your handbag to help you find what you are looking for. It’s also pretty handy to find the keyhole on your car or house door after a night out on the town!

About the Diamond Style Handbag Light

  • The Diamond Style Handbag Light is a diamond shaped LED light that will light up the contents of your handbag!
  • It has an On/Off switch, so you can save valuable battery life
  • The Diamond Style Handbag Light can be attached to your bag, zip or purse for ease of use
  • Our cool key ring is a fantastic gift idea for ages 10 and over
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