Dippy Hard Boiled Egg Cup Soldier Set


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Go Forth and Enjoy Our Dippy Hard Boiled Egg Cup Soldier Set!

Just go a step further with your boiled egg and soldiers with the Egg Cup Spoon, Soldier and Toast Cutter Set! The egg cup is in the shape of a Queen’s Guard, complete with a hat to keep your egg warm when placed under the hat. He holds his weapon of choice… which is.. a red plastic spoon!

The Toast Cutter, which comes with the set, will cut your toast into the shape of soldiers when you press down, leaving parents to eat just the crusts! There’s nothing like a soft boiled egg and the Egg Cup Solder. These will make any meal time a blast! Why not present it with a mini egg made of chocolate inside as an extra treat? This is perfect for Birthdays, Christmas or as a house warming gift, the Egg Cup Soldier Set makes a fantastic present for any kid or even a grown up. The King’s Men may have been pretty slack in trying to put poor Humpty together again, but this Queen’s Guard will surely keep this egg safe from harm…won’t he…? We sure hope so.

Dippy Hard Boiled Egg Cup Soldier Set Information

  • Our Egg Cup Soldier, Spoon and Toast Cutter Set is a soldier themed egg cup set!
  • The cup holder comes completed with an egg cup, spoon, hat and toast cutter
  • This egg cup measures about 90 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm
  • Ideal gift for ages 4 and over!

In the Egg Cup Soldier Set box

  • 1(one) x Egg Cup and Hat for the cup
  • 1(one) x Spoon
  • 1(one) x Toast Cutter

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