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What is the Flick Tac Toe Portable Game

Old boring Tick Tac Toe is so yesterday. Meet our new fantastic portable family game, which is ideal for holidays, rainy days and much much more! Thanks to it’s compact beautiful design it is really easy to store in a drawer when not in use. The rules are simple, but unlike regular Tick Tac Toe, you never know who will win until the last chip gets played and that could change the whole game

Everyone takes turns flicking the disks to the board. The special magnetic design makes sure each chip stays right in their own place! In this game you can even take over your opponent’s square by landing on top of their chip. The Flick Tac Toe has 2 different levels for players – Beginner and professional. This means that you will never grow out of this exciting game! This is an ideal gift for anyone who likes getting competitive or loves games. Flick Tac Toe makes a great stocking filler, Birthday or Christmas gift!

What can Flick Tac Toe Portable Game do

  • Flick Tac Toe Portable Game transforms Tick Tac Toe into a different game of skill and chance!
  • The portable game extends to about 760 mm long
  • Flick Tac Toe Portable Game carry case measures about 160 mm x 205 mm x 30 mm and aldo can be extended into the playing board!
  • 2(two) different skill levels
  • Ideal gift for ages 6 and over that!

In the Flick Tac Toe Portable Game box

  • 1(one) x Playing Board
  • 10(ten) x Playing chips

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