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The Pink iPod Accessories Kit is a perky, pretty and practical MP3/MP4 connection set which scratches the record on all the drab, dreary monotones of music-players out there! Why should little ones get all the fun with their bright, fun quirky designs and big easy buttons! The Pink iPod Accessories Kit is grown up Barbie-chic! The Pink iPod Accessories Kit is a simple, yet sleek fun music-kit that enables you to look pretty in pink whilst tuned in sync!

About The Pink iPod Accessories Kit

  • The Pink iPod Accessories Kit is an MP3/MP4 complete accessories kit in gorgeously girly Pink design!
  • The Pink iPod Accessories Kit includes in-ear earphone with soft-touch pieces, enables you to power your speakers from a USB port, plugs into your hi-fi, car stereo and television!
  • Compatible with all iPods that have 3.5mm jack!
  • The Pink iPod Accessories Kit measures 18 x 13 x 9 cm (approximately)
  • The Pink iPod Accessories Kit is not a toy and should not be used individually by children
  • Whether you’re a funky urban-girl, a grooving-soul lover, a Barry-White freak or a mental metaller, you’ll adore this Pink iPod Accessories Kit! Complete with all the neat, necessary accessories, the Pink iPod Accessories Kit is not just for girly girls! (Though you might get a few glances guys if you’re carrying this on the street! Result!) You can choose to be an old-school golden-oldie or a modern minx with the selection of tape and MP3 cables included! Pull out those old Michael Jacksons you’ve got hiding under the bed (Don’t worry, we’ve all got them – no shame my friend, no shame) We’re guessing you’re probably the type who bought the Pink GHD’s and only eats the pink Smarties, so why not purchase a little MORE pink, and get a rockin’ and a rollin’ with the ultra-snazzy Pink iPod Accessories Kit!

    What’s in the The Pink iPod Accessories Kit?

    • One large, durable branded Pink iPod Accessories Carry-Case
    • One Pink Accessories Speaker Dock
    • One set of Pink in-ear soft-touch Earphones
    • One Pink USB DC 6v Power Input Cable
    • One MP3/MP4 in-car sound system Cassette Connector
    • One Audio/Visual Connection Cable

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      My girlfriend really loves this. Said it was coolest gift “ever”. Well it kept her happy!

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