Gold Bar Door Stopper


Product Description

Alert everyone to your vast wealth with this Gold Bar Door Stopper!

This will make people stop in their tracks for a second look – the Gold Bar Door Stopper! Pretend you’re a millionaire – nay! a billionaire! and that you’ve got enough gold ingots in the vaults to be able to sling one down on the floor to hold the door open. Such flair! Such casual unconcern! Why, only the other day you used some to block the car up when you were changing its tyres, you have so many of them. And it’s so tiresome being so wealthy. So much money to spend and so little time to get to the shops since they close at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. See, you just have this amazing gift for making money and you just don’t know what to do with it.

You could have them propping open a few more doors of course. Buy several from our nice gift shop people and you could have a Gold Bar Door Stopper keeping all the doors of the house open in case no-one notices the first one. You could block the loo door shut when you’re in there, since the bolt’s fallen off, and use another one to weigh down the vast sheaves of paperwork detailing your massive fortune. It’s so tedious being rich!

Gold Bar Door Stopper Details

  • Gold Bullion Door Stop is a door stop in the shape of a gold bullion bar!
  • The door stop can also be used as a paper weight
  • It measures approx 145 mm x 60 mm x 45 mm
  • Great Gift Idea for ages 10 and above
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