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You can play golf all night with our Illuminus Light Up Golf Ball

Golf is the perfect summer activity, but just when you’re getting your swing perfected, you realize summer is coming to an end and the long hours of daylight are starting to dwindle. Rather than put your clubs into hibernation, stay on the course longer with the Illuminus Light up Golf Ball. You’ll never lost sight of your golf ball in the twilight hours again thanks to its reassuring glow! Even in the darkness of the sand pit you’ll see it glowing. You’ll even be able to see it shining up at you from the bottom of that pond you didn’t see in the darkness.

If you want to be the coolest golfer on the course, then the Illuminus Light up Golf Ball is a must. No more squinting into the darkness only to clumsily hit the ball and hope it went in the right direction. No more guessing where your ball is on the green. If you’re playing in front of an audience or if your golfing partner happens to be your boss, just make sure you’ve really got your swing perfected, the golf ball really does stand out so all your rubbish moves will be highlighted too. You can’t use failing light as an excuse with the Illuminus Light up Golf Ball.

Illuminus Light Up Golf Ball Inforamtion

  • The Twilight Racer is a regulation sized golf ball that lights up on impact!
  • Surlyn cover with 80 compression layers and a bright red LED light that flashes for 5 minutes!
  • Official golf ball size and weight
  • Comes with 2 x Tees and a carry pouch
  • Great golfing gifts for any occasion!
  • What do you get with the Illuminus Light Up Golf Ball set?

  • 1 x Twilight Tracer Light Up Golf Ball
  • 2 x Golf Tees
  • 1 x Pouch
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