I’m A Celebrity Witchetty Grub Trial Test


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I’m A Celebrity Witchetty Grub Trial

Inspired by the I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out Of Here stomach churning ‘Bushtucker Trials’ these I’m A Celebrity Witchetty GrubTrial are a gloriously gruesome gastronomic delight! This 100g box contains 10 wonderful witchetty grub shaped white chocolates. However in true ‘Get Me Out of Here’ style some are delicious and some hide a nasty surprise!

These crafty critters are made of white chocolate. But be warned… 7 witchetty grubs contain a lovely toffee filling, but 3 of these wrigglers are filled with a revolting tripe flavoured filling! You can have great fun with family and friends with this hilariously detailed horrid box of chocolates! You can create your very own Bushtucker Trials in your very own backyard jungle, or simply inside if there’s a tropical rainstorm!

These ghastly looking grubs will test your nerves! With either a toffee treat or tripe trauma to pick, how will you decide to devour yours? Will you be cautious and just bite off the chocolate witchetty grubs head to reveal your flavoursome fate? Or will you be brave and just eat the whole luscious looking larva regardless?!So, do you dare take on the dastardly challenge of I’m A Celebrity Witchetty Grub Trial? Or are you too squeamish? In ‘witchetty’ case you’ll be screaming “I’m Not Eating That….Get Me Out of Here!”

  • I’m A Celebrity – Which Witchetty Grub
  • I’m A Celebrity – Which Witchetty Grub contains 10 x Witchetty Grub shaped white chocolates
  • 7 Witchetty chocolates contain tasty toffee & 3 contain nasty tripe flavouring!
  • Actual Witchetty Grubs measure 5.5cm in length x 2cm wide x 1.5cm high
  • Does not contain actual witchetty grubs
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