iMusic Inflatable Relax Chair with MP3 Speakers

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iMusic Inflatable Relax Chair with MP3 Speakers

The iMusic Inflatable Chair is the ideal accessory for your living room or bedroom! Simply inflate using the pump provided. It has 3.5mm headphone cable that can be connected to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, portable CD player, games console and more! Sit back and chill out to your favourite music, play video games or watch movies on this awesome inflatable chair.

What better way to relax on a summers day on the patio! Our iMusic Inflatable Chair inflates to around 115 cm x 115 cm and compacts right down for easy storage. Perhaps you are looking for a funky piece of furniture for your kids bedrooms or maybe you are transforming your spare room into a games room? This MP3 speaker chair will make a worthy addition and a super Christmas or Birthday gift.

iMusic Inflatable Chair with MP3 Speakers


  • The Inflatable iMusic Chair has built in speakers either side of the head rest for stereo sound
  • Handy pocket to hold your MP3 player
  • Comes with foot pump
  • 3.5mm jack cable to plug into headphone socket of your music device or games console
  • The inflatable chair measures approx 115 cm x 115 cm when blown up
  • Great for watching football
  • A brilliant music gift for ages 6 and above



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