Jar of Clear Foxes Glacier Mints


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Refresh Yourself with a Jar of Clear Foxes Glacier Mints

One of the most iconic of all traditional British sweets, cool clear FoxВґs Glacier Mints are packed with intense mint flavours that are perfect for giving you a warming glow. Fox’s charming mascot Peppy the polar bear smiles down from the jar, and appears on each individually wrapped sweet, which makes these tasty treats perfect for a truly nostalgic gift that will evoke childhood memories of standing in the sweetshop, choosing between the tempting multicoloured jars. Because of their individual wrapping, cool clear FoxВґs Glacier Mints are perfect for taking on walks or long journeys, and are a time-honoured way to keep a backseat full of grumpy children quiet.

What’s more, if you love entertaining, you can give a retro twist to the end of a meal by serving Glacier Mints with after dinner coffee. Your guests will love the warming hit of peppermint and the beautiful, iceberg-like look of the sweets within. So if you’re looking for a nostalgic delight, why not treat yourself to a jar of these timeless favourites, and enjoy the cool, minty sweetness of Fox’s Glacier Mints every day.

Jar of Clear Foxes Glacier Mints Details:

  • 2.34 kg of Jar of Clear Foxes Glacier Mints
  • Intense Mint Flavour
  • Only Available via 3-5 day delivery service

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Weight 3.85 kg


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