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A true classic that brings back memories of winter morning walks to school with a sneaky stop at the sweet shop on the way, these minty retro Mitre Winter Cough Candies combine the delicious tang of mint with soothing brown sugar to create a real winter warmer. With a texture reminiscent of Kendall Mint Cake, these tasty sweets are bound to be enjoyed by everyone, which makes them perfect for a gift, or just for an indulgent sweet treat for yourself. minty retro Mitre Winter Cough Candies have been around for nearly a century, and despite their name, are perfect for any time of year.

So next time you or your loved ones are feeling a little under the weather, give them a minty retro Mitre Winter Cough Candy to drive the sniffles away with a warming glow and a sugary burst of sweetness. With their timelessly appealing two-toned brown appearance, these tasty treats look great on a shelf, so why not treat yourself to a whole jar, so any time you feel a cold coming on you can just help yourself. Of course, even if you’re feeling on top of the world, you might not be able to resist nibbling on these most delicious of Winter Candies.

Mitre Soothing Winter Cough Candies Details:

  • 1.5 kg of Mitre Cough Candies
  • Traditional Boiled Sweets
  • Only Available via 3-5 day delivery service

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