Retro 2.75kg Jar of Tuck Shop Chocolate Limes


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Buy the Retro 2.75kg Jar of Tuck Shop Chocolate Limes with your pocket money today!

One of the most famous and well loved of all the Victorian style traditional sweets, sweet tangy Tuck Shop Choc Limes are a delicious combination of sweet and sour that will keep you coming back for more. With their tangy lime flavoured outer shell and smooth chocolate interior, each sweet is an adventure for the taste buds, while their inviting appearance means that nobody will be able to resist just one more. Each sweet comes individually wrapped, making them perfect for long journeys, kids’ party bags or just for taking a pocketful to work to brighten up a dull commute, so if you’ve been dreaming of traditional Victorian sweets, why not treat yourself to a 2.75kg jar of these immortal favourites?

The traditional boiled sweet coating means that a Choc Lime lasts, making them great to take out on long walks, where the intense burst of chocolate sweetness is sure to keep you going for that extra mile. sweet tangy Tuck Shop Choc Limes are one of the most recognisable and beloved of all the traditional British sweets, so if you’re looking to recreate that childhood sweetshop experience at home, you can’t afford to miss out on these tangy, sweet and endlessly inviting sweet treats.

Tuck Shop Chocolate Limes Details:

  • 2.7 kg of Tuck Shop Chocolate Limes
  • Tangy Lime Shell with Smooth Chocolate Centre
  • Only Available via 3-5 day delivery service

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