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A Great Novelty Piggie Bank is the Retro 80’s Arcade Game Money Box

You grew up in the 80’s, you were in love with Pacman and Space Invaders, but your house isn’t quite big enough for a life size arcade game; or most likely, it doesn’t really go with the décor of the place. Well, you can satisfy your urge to give your place an injection of 80’s vibe with the Retro 80’s Arcade Game Money Box. It has the added bonus of being a money box; when you insert a coin, you get two minutes of play and to continue you need to add another coin. If this doesn’t have you saving for your holiday, then, well you might as well give up on the holiday.

If you know someone who was born in the 80’s and was probably too young to play games of that wonderful decade, then you must get them the Retro 80’s Arcade Game Money Box to put them back in touch with their roots!
This money box makes the perfect gift for any spendthrift gamer. Wrap it up for someone’s birthday or for your office Secret Santa event. You could give it to someone as a housewarming gift as long as you’re sure it won’t clash with their ultramodern décor, but hey, these days clashing is in, right?

Retro 80’s Arcade Game Money Box Information:

  • A Cool Money Box Where you Can Play 2 minutes of game per coin!
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